Sophie Knox

M&B columnist

Sophie Knox is a former magazine editor and mother to three-and-a-half-year-old Lexi and two-year-old Emma. She has been writing columns from M&B since 2011.

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Sophie Knox

Third time around?

12:58PM, Sep 29th 2013 Sophie Knox

Why I decided two children was the perfect number

What three years of motherhood has taught me

Sophie Knox

Nature vs nurture

12:00AM, Apr 4th 2012 Sophie Knox

What happens when bad children happen to good mothers

How tough are you when it comes to enforcing your rules on other children? And have you reprimanded other kids in the past? Were there tears and tantrums?

My big whinge about this antisocial weather is due to the fact that it's terribly boring being at home 24/7 with two kids.

Sophie Knox

Feeding woes

12:00AM, Jan 19th 2012 Sophie Knox

Mummy blogger Sophie Knox has one fussy duck and one greedy goose in her house. She is talking about the eating habits of her two completely different siblings. Join her discussion here.

Hands up who didn't get much sleep last night — ah, if I had more energy you'd see my hand waving around in the air.

So did our four days at Tresillian cure baby Emma of her sleep issues Cured is a strong word. Let's say we're now trending in the right direction.

Sophie Knox

Sophie's blog: Sleep school

12:00AM, Oct 20th 2011 Sophie Knox

For the first two months of Emma's five months of life she was what people call a "textbook baby". She breastfed well, settled without much fuss and made life pretty easy. Then came The Change.

You may have read her columns in Mother & Baby magazine, Sophie Knox is our new mummy blogger (or blobber, as her daughter Lexie puts it) and she’s here gee-up a bit of discussion about all the crazy, wonderful, confusing, frustrating, exhilarating issues we face as parents.