How to fake wide-awake eyes (when you're sleep deprived)!

Clever new-mum makeup tips and tricks to help you look fresh as a daisy, even if you've been up all night!

Fresh Faceded

Being a new mum who exists on zero sleep can be hard on the hair, body and complexion – hellooo, panda eyes!

You may not have the time for your leisurely, pre-child beauty and makeup routine, so we've got the quick fixes that will have you looking good enough for mothers' group in no time...

1. Start with a BB cream & concealer

When you're rushed for time, you want to use a product that will even out your blotchy skin tones (pregnancy pigmentation, anyone?), provide sun protection, boost you with some anti-ageing ingredients and add a little sunkissed tint to your dull, tired skin.

BB creams do this and more, which is why they must be every mum's beauty BFF – we love the Garnier BB Cream for price and performance. The other secret weapon in this skin-prepping step is an under-eye concealer – amazing!

2. Use a light eyeliner

Give your eye-whites the illusion of being bigger by lining the lower water line of your eyes with a white or flesh-toned pencil.

You will notice that your eyes have the illusion of 'popping' instantly.

White Eye Liner

Dark vs. light eye liner on the water line

3. Choose neautral eyeshadow

The fastest way to make your eyes look small? By using a dark shadow.

Skip the deep hues, and opt for pretty neutrals over your lids instead.

Use a big fluffy brush, blending from the base of your top lashes, up to your brow bone. Follow with a slightly darker colour to contour your lids on the crease if you wish.

4. Embrace highlighting

Ask any great make-up artist the secret to a fabulous face and they'll tell you it's all about highlighting the areas of your face that you want to bring out.

For small eyes, apply a luminiser to the inner corners to make them pop, and just underneath your brow bone so it catches the light.

Hightlighting Eyes

Blend in some luminiser to highlight your eyes

5. Wing it with kitty flicks

So your eyes are a little narrow or close together? Fake big peepers with a little winged liner.

Simply draw your eyeliner slightly outwards and upwards from the outer, bottom corners of your lashes. You don't have to go all Angelina for this to work; subtle is best, especially for a daytime look.

Winged Eye Liner

Some subtle winged liner helps to open your eyes

6. Curl your lashes

If you haven't tried curling your lashes before, we dare you to curl just one, step back and compare the two in a mirror. What do you notice? Yep, that's right: bigger, more glamorous eyes.

Our top tip: eyelash curlers can be a little tricky when you first use them.

The trick is to look down ahead as you place it over your lashes, and don't just curl at the base: curl at the base, middle and tips, and follow with a coat of curling mascara.

Do you have any tips for tired eyes? Share them below.

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