Mum jailed for breastfeeding while drunk

12:0AM, Aug 24th 2009

An American mother who pleaded guilty to breastfeeding her baby while drunk has been jailed.

Following her arrest for breastfeeding under the influence, new changes have led to a judge withdrawing a treatment order that could have helped the mother avoid jail, CBS News reported.

The case began in February 2009, when police investigated a domestic disturbance call in the North Dakota home of 26-year-old Stacey Anvarinia. The officers saw her breastfeeding her six-week-old daughter while apparently intoxicated, then charged her with child neglect.

It's not known what Anvarinia's alcohol levels were, but health professionals advise against breastfeeding if there is alcohol in the mother's system, as it can pass through to the child.

Earlier this month, Anvarinia later pleaded guilty to child-neglect charges, telling Judge Sonja Clapp that she knew what she'd done had been wrong. The mother was sentenced to 18 months prison – with 12 months suspended – and the judge said Anvarinia could avoid prison if she accepted treatment in a chemical-dependency unit.

But the judge withdrew her offer after Anvarinia was arrested for allegedly slashing the tyre of a pick-up truck hours after her sentencing.

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