Blue Ivy's public photo debut

12:0AM, Feb 13th 2012

Beyonce' and Jay-Z delighted fans by posting the first photos of Blue Ivy Carter on their blog site

Beyoncé and Jay-Z delighted fans by posting the first photos of Blue Ivy Carter, (seen in the video montage above) on blog site,

The couple didn't follow other high-profile new parents and decided not to sell the first pictures to the highest bidder, instead posting them for free stating: "We welcome you to share our joy."

The proud parent's blog shows the intimate family snaps (above) along with the message, "Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives. The Carter Family."

TheDaily Mailreported that Beyoncé, who has been spotted out twice since the birth of Blue Ivy last month has been wearing a new bit of bling on her finger. It is believed to have been bought as a 'push present' by her husband.

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For those of you who had babies before this trend, a push present is where the father rewards the new mother with a wildly expensive bit of jewellery after she gives birth to their first child.

Tess Brook of Victoria, commented on the Mother and Baby forum that she is still waiting on her "push present"... but adores the amount of hair baby Blue has.

Did you receive a push present from your partner when you gave birth to your first child? Enter your comments below.

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