"I'm learning to love my body after having kids"

Carly Rae found hitting the trendy beaches of Sydney tough just four weeks after giving birth. But with a change in attitude she's embracing her new mum bod

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Carly Rae found it a bit hard hitting the trendy beaches of Sydney just four weeks after giving birth. But with a change in attitude she has learnt to embrace her new mum body.

Women in general seem to me to be dissatisfied with their bodies. Common complaints include thighs too big, cellulite, breasts too small, and bellies not flat enough, I could go on and on. My point is that women seem to never be happy with their bodies and after childbirth women seem to be even more dissatisfied with the state of their womanly form.

After having my second child the weight did not come off easily. It can be heartbreaking to look at a new, post-pregnancy form in the mirror. I can totally understand that this change difficult especially when hitting trendy Sydney beaches in the summer, just four weeks after giving birth! Being surrounded by almost-perfect, young, bikini bodies is devastating at first.

Furthermore, it takes great will power to resist the urge to hit your husband when after he complains about a couple extra kilos that he put on over the Christmas holidays when you are trying to work off an extra 10! It is sad when you are eating healthy and exercising but you are still much heavier than you once were.

Just as your body heals, time helps and if you watch what you eat, the weight does eventually come off, but you are still left with a new modified body. Now my attitude has changed and I have decided to embrace mynew mum body!

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I am not implying that I am totally happy with my body, but I think I have to be realistic and not too hard on myself. I look at my caesarean scar or permanently changed breasts and feel empowered by what my body has created.

My scar exists because it is where my baby came from and my breasts have changed because I fed and nourished our little baby for 12 months. That is pretty amazing when you think about it!

I am now heavier, bumpier and saggier, but I am actually more confident with my body than I have ever been in my life.

Your body does change after having children, but it has changed due to a massive accomplishment. My advice is tolove thy bodyincluding all the bumps and imperfections.

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How have you found dealing with your new mummy body? Share your comments below.

12:0AM, Jan 15th 2013

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