Three foods men can eat to boost sexual performance

Boost your man's sexual health and performance with these three simple foods.

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Feeling overworked, tired, stressed-out and more interested in sleeping when you're in bed with your partner than anything else requiring slightly more energy expenditure? Your diet could be affecting your sexual health.

There are three simple foods you should be eating that will boost your sex drive as well as improving your overall health, Men's Health magazine has reported

Folate first
Men with low folate levels may have 20 percent more unhealthy sperm — sperm with missing or extra chromosomes — than those with higher or normal levels, researchers writing in the health journal Human Reproduction found.

Folate is a B vitamin (B9) essential for a number of body functions, including cell production. The best sources of folate are green, leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, citrus fruits, beans and avocado.

An easy way to get more of these foods into your diet is to swap lettuce for baby spinach leaves in your salad or on your lunchtime sandwich, and opt for avocado instead of butter or margarine on your bread.

Something fishy
For bedroom sessions that are closer to an endurance event, rather than a 100m sprint, men should increase their intake of an amino acid called L-arginine, Men's Health reported.

"L-arginine works like Viagra by increasing nitric oxide to help relax blood vessels and allow more blood flow to the penis," The Orgasmic Diet author Marrena Lindberg said.

Foods that are high in L-arginine are also high in omega-3s, which is a bonus as omega-3s enable your body to better absorb L-arginine, researchers writing in health the journal Nutrition & Metabolism found.

For longer lasting erections, load up on oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring, walnuts, and free-range game meat. Happily, dark chocolate also has high levels of L-arginine.

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Oysters: more than an aphrodisiac
Oysters have been revered as the ultimate aphrodisiac for, literally, centuries — with world-renowned 18th-century lover Casanova claimed to eat 50 oysters for breakfast each day to keep him on top of his game.

Their high zinc content in oysters helps to increase testosterone levels, which are responsible for an increase in sexual desire, Men's Health reported.

Fifty oysters in one sitting may, however, be overdoing it Lindberg said, suggesting that six raw oysters — delivering double the recommended daily intake of zinc — was enough to boost sex drive.

Red meat, peanuts, cashews and pumpkin seeds also contain high levels of zinc for those who are not fans of the shucked seafood.

A salad of baby spinach leaves, fresh salmon, avocado and lightly toasted cashews is the ultimate lunch if you're planning a special evening.

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