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12:0AM, Apr 18th 2012

If you are hoping to conceive do you need to make love every time you see each other, or just once a month when the time is right?

Do you wonder how all these other couples manage to have sex twice a week, when you're lucky to do it twice a month?

Regular sex throughout your cycle is the best way to ensure conception, 'Have sex two to three times a week, and you won't have to worry about when your fertile time is. If this isn't possible, work out when your fertile period is and make sure you have sex then,' says Toni Belfield from the Family Planning Association.

However, research suggests that a couple may be able to maximise the chances of successful conception if the male abstains from ejaculation for seven to 10 days before the female's most fertile time of the cycle.

It was found that after seven days' abstention, sperm count and semen volume were significantly greater than if the men abstained for only three days, while sperm motility, viability and the percentage of abnormal forms stayed the same.

Find out when you're most fertile period by using our ovulation calculator.
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